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Andrew Wild – Chair of Finance & Appeals Committee

Having lived in the village for over 37 years I’m officially no longer classed as a newcomer! Furness Vale School has been a part of my life for most of those years and of all the governors I believe my connection with the school goes back the furthest.

My first contact with the school was back in the 1980’s when I was a pupil at Furness Vale and we still had blackboards in the classrooms! I do remember the school getting its first computers though, three BBC Microcomputers for those of you who remember these, a far cry from the tablets and interactive PC’s we have in the school today. More recently all three of my own children have attended the school, with my youngest Elliot moving into year six in September.

What really makes me smile about the school though is that I’ve found the same culture and ethos that was present when I attended continues to shine through at this fantastic school, and in the ever changing world of education this is no mean feat.

I’ve been a Governor for almost 12 years, joining the Governing body when Mrs Ward was the Head teacher and my daughter Maisie was only just starting in Reception. I firmly believe that through the excellent standard of education provision and all round good introduction to school life, Furness Vale Primary helped me to develop the skills and knowledge that I now use both at work and in my personal life. A quality that you cannot put a price on!

I enjoy being a Governor immensely as it gives me the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience as an accountant to help support the teaching staff at the school, actively participating in the decision making that keeps the school running smoothly. As Chair of the Finance and Resources Committee I support Mrs Taylor in managing the financial aspects of the school, ensuring the right amount of resource is in the right place, at the right time. By providing this essential guidance the work of the Governing Body helps the teaching staff to manage the school, which in turn allows it to continue to grow, supporting and developing future generations, which in my opinion has got to be a good thing.